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Lessons in just the first 3 months alone will cover such topics as:

Click exercises and development using 40 - 50 bpm groove exercises
Triplet techniques and explaining how to segment their use around the kit in fills and grooves
Proper Practice [...]



Band-N-A-Pod Features:

This is a 24/7 professional practice/play-a-long tool.

It consists of 4 to 5 minutes of continuous percussion and/or other instruments.

It comes in 5 different tempos, ranging in 5 bpm increments.

This tool will help you develop your internal clock and provide a musical practice setting to develop muscle memory.

Most importantly, it properly prepares you for today’s [...]


Personalized Video Evaluation

Personalized Video Evaluation
The Personalized Video Evaluation is used to maintain a student teacher relationship in an online format.
Once a month, you can submit a 2-3 minute video where you will perform the concepts or exercises taught in that month’s video lessons. Upon submission, your performance will be reviewed and a written evaluation of your progress [...]


Industry Interviews

Exclusive Music Industry Interviews
Gain invaluable insight into the professional music industry that can help your career as a drummer.
We have exclusive interviews with Recording Industry Executives, Producers, Artists, Musicians, and Engineers that you will have access to as a “Flam Slam” member.
Here are some clips from an interview with Danny Grady.

Danny Grady [...]



Hear what Music Industry Professionals have to say about the Groove Is King Professional Drum Training System.

Read what a few of my current members have said about the training:
“well i found the link to your site on drummerworld.com and it was what i was looking for at first glance. i had [...]


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The video lessons will consist of [...]

Kick Port - Immediate Low end to your Kick Drum!!!

Guys, if you haven’t heard of the KICKPORT yet, be the first to cause jealously among your friends and make the engineers love you.  This thing has blown me away with the amazing low end and punch enhancement it brings to any kick drum.  My drum always sounded great, and I have others that have [...]

Hearing Protection Pt.2 - Michael Santucci - Sensaphonics

Here is Pt.2 of this hugely important interview on Hearing Preservation. Be sure to watch part 1 first.

Hearing Protection Pt.1 - Michael Santucci - Sensaphonics

One of the things that many musicians and drummers tend to neglect, is their hearing.  We strive for perfect in ear mixes, or monitor mixes.  Then we spend tons of money on the perfect pair of monitors for our studios that have the right frequency spectrum, all the while we have possibly lost the frequencies [...]

JoJo Mayer Solo Live Drumming Clip 4 - Drums n Bass

Here is Clip 4 of the JoJ Mayer Drum Solo. Be sure to check all these drum solo clips out. I tried to take pieces of of the Drum solos that I felt were most musical but still had a little bit of flash to them. Sections that would showcase groove and [...]

JoJo Mayer Live Drum Solo Clip 3

OK, Here is Clip 3. I’d love to hear your feedback on these clips. Anything to what you think of JoJo, to how he chooses what he plays, dynamics, etc…

JoJo Mayer Live Drum Solo Clip 2

I’m just going to post multiple excerpts from this show. I gave my members the ability to access to the whole thing on my site. Not downloadable of course. I don’t want to tick anyone off.
However, if you have been thinking about taking drum lessons, I highly recommend getting on board [...]